About me

I’m an editor with over five years of experience working with independent news outlets and local book publishers. I focus on a collaborative editing process with the goal of making writers’ work effective in communicating their message, and artful in maintaining their specific voice and style.

I worked as managing editor with The Uniter from 2014-2019, where I had the pleasure of editing some of the city’s finest writers and facilitating some incredibly unique and necessary cover stories. I currently work part-time as managing editor at Prairie books NOW, and recently developed and launched their new (and very first) website.

I’ve been writing professionally for over six years, including local arts coverage, new stories, columns, and personal essays. I’m currently developing a memoir manuscript thanks to funding from the Manitoba Arts Council.

Leading up to my life as an editor, I spent a decade in community health, working in areas of sexual and reproductive health, midwifery, eating disorders, teen drop-in clinics, and harm reduction. I wore many hats, including as a health educator, where I led community workshops on a wide range of topics and honed my skills in research and plain language communication.

When I’m not at a desk poring over words, I’m an avid foul weather cyclist, and will camp (almost) year-round.