Editing work

Here is a selection of projects I’ve worked on and my editing role for each.

Counselling Insights: Practical Strategies for Helping Others with Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, and More edited by Vicki Enns (CTRI)

Structural and stylistic editing

You Don’t Know Me, But You Love Me: The Lives of Dick Miller by Callum Vatnsdal (ARP Books)

Copy editing

Stolen City: Racial Capitalism and the Making of Winnipeg by Owen Toews (ARP Books)



“When I worked with Anastasia on editing our project, I appreciated her ability to hold both the details and the big picture of the project in mind. One of the elements of her work I noticed was how she could highlight the link between details of sentence structure and word flow, with the potential experience of the reader, ensuring they would have the most rewarding experience. Anastasia also provided a keen and thoughtful eye to current contextual issues related to our subject matter that was very useful to deepen the impact of our writing.” -Vicki Enns